AONH Annual Conference

“Building the Immune System on Every Level: Setting the Body Up for Greatness”

Event Info

14th Annual AONH Health Care Conference
November 11-12, 2022
Location: TBD  

To register: email

Douglasville Hotels: Please reserve well in advance to get the best prices and availability.
Hampton Inn, 770-577-2110
La Quinta, 770-577-3838

Note: We will not be offering ON-LINE Connection. Conference recording will be available for download on the AONH website for a nominal fee after the conference.

2018 Annual AONH Conference

2017 Annual AONH Conference

2016 Annual AONH Conference

Just some of the fantastic speakers who have graced our stage

  • Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar
  • Dr. Sylva Dvorak
  • Dr. Joseph Christiano
  • Drs. James & Dorothy Morre
  • James Hawver, NMD
  • Jeffrey Essen, NMD
  • Dr. Ellie Campbell
  • John Easterling
  • Dr. Joseph Holliday
  • Dr. Gilbert Wergowske
  • Karen Urbanek
  • Rae Luskin
  • Marzena Cybulska
  • Valeri Marshall, N.P.
  • Dr. Suzanne Humpries
  • Liam Scheff
  • Joy Taylor
  • Dr. Leila Zackrison
  • Dr. Jeremy Fritz
  • Dr. Peter Bauth
  • Dr. Abdel Rahman Alkhalouf
  • Dr. David Watts
  • Roger Seip
  • Dr. David Garwood
  • Dr. Ahmad Athamneh
  • Dr. Thomas O'Bryan
  • Dr. Johnnie Strickland
  • Dr. Vijay Ganji
  • Carolyn Gross

Some of the subjects which have been highlighted at past AONH Conferences

  • Resolving hormone issues-pearls and pit falls
  • Business development with a heart
  • Preserving the aging brain
  • The under diagnosis of vitamin deficiency-Implications for primary and specialty care
  • Emotional gems: When usual techniques fail
  • The four pillars of potential living. 1. Anti-oxidation 2. Detoxification 3. Alkalinization 4. Spiritual balance
  • What your hair says about you-nutritional intern-relationships in hair mineral patterns
  • Your skin care; optimizing the potential of your body’s biggest organ
  • Early cancer detection and targeted intervention
  • Cancer protocol advancements and you
  • Smoke, mirrors and the disappearance of polio
  • Autism: The misdiagnosis of our future generations
  • Train your brain for success
  • The ills of our modern diet
  • Our viral world
  • EMF-The silent sabotage on your health
  • Working together to eliminate cancer as an acute health problem
  • Vector dichotomy: the key to effective detoxification and demineralization
  • Understanding essential oils
  • Advanced topics of tick borne diseases
  • This isn’t the future you ordered; Medicine in the 21st century
  • The Neuroscience behind brain balancing
  • Symptoms- Where do we go from here?
  • Vibrant health from vibrant foods
  • Understanding emotion to help our clients live a more health life
  • Leaky gut and gluten allergies
  • Medical parasitology
  • The next generation of healing; A new inventory of chemistry, nutrition, and energetics…The changing dynamics of healing and our vision of future health
  • Put that bread down
  • Dietary influences on chronic and autoimmune disease
  • Addressing energy and metabolism issues
  • The incredible vitamin D
  • Forgiveness and well-being
  • Why chronic disease reoccurs
  • Natural alternatives to cope with addiction issues
  • Treatable and beatable-Healing cancer without surgery